Livie and Luca Athena Aqua Shimmer


A Greek-isle inspired girls sandal is ready for summer in this hot metallic color and it's charming woven straps. This gladiator sandal for girls has a slimmer ankle strap and padded heel for comfort, and hook-and-loop closures for easy on and off. 

  • Aqua shimmer metallic leather exterior
  • Hook-and-loop closure on ankle and toe straps for a just-right fit
  • Padded heel strap for comfort
  • Nude leather lining
  • Constructed on the flexible Trac sole


    Livie & Luca Sizing Advice
    Sizes vary between all shoe manufacturers, therefore it is important that you measure your children's feet to ensure a good fit.
    Livie & Luca shoes are sized based on US children's sizes and therefore have the US sizes embossed on the sole or stickers on the box. 
    We have listed the Livie & Luca shoes as nearest equivalent UK sizes based on international shoe size charts (and listed the US size in brackets).

    These shoes come with the 'Trac' sole. 

    Manufacturer's size Shoe Length     Shortest Suitable Foot Measurement* Longest Suitable Foot Measurement**
    US 4 12.0cm 10.8cm 11.4cm
    US 5 13.0cm 11.8cm 12.4cm
    US 6 13.5cm 12.3cm 12.9cm
    US 7 14.6cm 13.4cm 14.0cm
    US 8 15.2cm 14.0cm 14.6cm
    US 9 16.0cm 15.2cm 15.8cm
    US 10 16.5cm 15.3cm 15.9cm
    US 11 17.2cm 16.0cm 16.6cm
    US 12 17.8cm 16.6cm 17.2cm
    US 13 18.5cm 17.3cm 17.9cm

    *This allows 12mm distance from the longest toe to the end of the shoe. Consider allowing slightly less than 12mm for smaller feet.

    **This allows 6mm distance from the longest toe to the end of the shoe (minimum to allow the shoe to 'last')