Tiempo Blue Gold

'In an array of brilliant colors and with leather clock buttons marching up one side, Tiempo will put a vibrant zing in her step.'

Using your child's foot measurement will ensure the best possible fit! 

Measure at HOME. It's QUICKEASY and FUN!


Livie & Luca Sizing Advice
Sizes vary between all shoe manufacturers, therefore it is important that you measure your children's feet to ensure a good fit.
Livie & Luca shoes are sized based on US childrens' sizes and therefore have the US sizes embossed on the sole or stickers on the box. 
We have listed the Livie & Luca shoes to the nearest equivalent UK sizes==.
These shoes come with the 'Honeycomb' sole.
Manufacturer's size Shoe Length     Shortest Suitable Foot Measurement* Longest Suitable Foot Measurement**
US 4 13.0cm 11.8cm 12.4cm
US 5 13.8cm 12.6cm 13.2cm
US 6 14.6cm 13.4cm 14.0cm
US 7 15.2cm 14.0cm 14.6cm
US 8 15.7cm 14.5cm 15.1cm
US 9 16.4cm 15.2cm 15.8cm
US 10 17.0cm 15.8cm 16.4cm
US 11 17.8cm 16.6cm 17.2cm
US 12 18.5cm 17.3cm 17.9cm
US 13 19.0cm 17.8cm 18.4cm
US1 Y 20.6cm 19.4cm 20.cm
US2 Y 21.4cm 20.2cm 20.8cm      
US3 Y 22.1cm 20.9cm 21.5cm
*This allows 12mm distance from the longest toe to the end of the shoe. It may be possible to allow a little more space for larger sizes
**This allows 6mm distance from the longest toe to the end of the shoe (minimum to allow the shoe to 'last')
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